RMIS Instrument Search Criteria Help 
Date Recorded:
  • If no dates are entered, the search will run against all records from July 17, 1985.  To search for a specific day, enter the day in both fields.  To search for a range, enter the beginning day in the first field and the ending day in the second field.
Party Name:
  • Enter one part of the name (ex: Smith) or Last Name space First Name (ex:  Smith John) or First Name space Last Name (ex. John Smith).
  • You can use literal quotes (") like "Smith John" to search for any name with "Smith John" in it.
  • You can selec "Search for Exact Name" to search for any name that is contains the entered name. Similar to the above literal search.
Block/Lot Entry:
  • You can enter both alpha ‘Aa’ or numeric ‘123’ characters to find information.
Unplatted Property:
  • Enter a numeric value in the Section (ex. 06 or 28)
  • Enter 'S' for South after the Township (ex. 06S or 28S)
  • Enter 'E' for East after the Range No. (ex. 04E)